A microwave can cook potatoes in ten minutes!? Why the fuck did nobody tell me?

A lot of workplaces only offer a microwave and no oven, and barley a kitchen to prepare stuff.

Hence, I was rarely bringing in my own food as I worked under the assumption that I had to prepare it at home and just heat it up at work. And potatoes take round about ~40 minutes the way I make them (20 min to cook, 20 min to steep).

Now, I will be using the shit out of those technical wonders and save a lot of money in the progress, as I used to go to restaurants almost daily for lunch time. Heck, I may even buy myself one for home use.

Oh, now I remember why!
This is what I get by being brought up by a somewhat esoteric mother.

"Microwave are no good, the taint the food."

No, they do not. It's science!

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    Uhm. they use more energy than an oven | heat plate .
    Not in every case but for tasks longer than 2mins for sure
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    Yep. Works pretty well, too!

    Some suggestions for a better microwaved potato:
    1) Be sure to stab them so they do not explode.
    2) Wrap them in a paper towel (or cover) to help them not dry out
    3) flip them halfway through; the bottom side gets chewy otherwise.
    4) make a slit and stuff in a bay leaf or rosemary before cooking. Yum.
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    Kitchen gadgets are far too complicated.
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    @ClemFrieckie My kitchen just got a call from 1979 ;)
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