Just spent an hour trying to fix a bug on my Xamarin app that only affected the android project. Finally decided to Google it and figured out it's a Xamarin bug. FUCK YOU XAMARIN GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A BROOMSTICK WITH NO LUBE.

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    Thinking about it, that's... painful.
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    Xamarin: what if Microsoft did Qt.

    I really don't know how it's going at the moment so I'm not really judging, it just sounds like a similar methodology and this was a common problem with Qt too.
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    @jmacmi2 it's a pretty good framework for simple things. Definitely not a convenient tool for the project I'm on.
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    Googling is always the first step of bugfixing.
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    @AlmostPerfekt nice one.

    As I said, it's been a while since I caught up on the market. It has all the potential, I've just not seen it used to that potential yet personally.

    On my end, I'm on Ionic 2+ over Cordova and that has the same kind of downsides as any other hybrid methodology. Xamarin is still on my todo list.

    This is one of those places I'd be fine with a monopoly... hybrid is a pain in the ass.
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    If you want to go with Xamarin after ionic and Cordova.
    I did same thing and I am regretting it. Did ionic/cordova for 3 years and Xamarin for 1 year.
    Every Hybrid sucks but Xamarin sucks more. If you filling a bit off in Cordova go with native. That's it
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    @Arpit05 that was basically what I’d guessed if I’m honest.

    Cheers for confirming.
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