How reliable or better freebsd is? I was thinking to use it in production server instead of ubuntu 16 LTS. I've heard it has pretty good networking stack and whatsapp uses it in their prod machines.

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    Go for it. Because it's not a "distribution" type of platform like Linux, there's less chance for differences like Ubuntu vs CentOS/RHEL. It would make each deployment easier to troubleshoot because there are less variables. Also, I think FreeBSD is a rolling release and does not require upgrades, just updates.
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    @sheeponmeth okay great I'll try it out
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    @rjcrystal It's rock solid, even Netflix uses it for their infrastructure if I'm not mistaken.
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    How is this a rant?
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    did you try FreeBSD? :-D
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    @TonyG I think because it can cause a flame war it's fine.
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