I am seriously getting pissed off at these so called web developers on Instagram... More often than not I stumble upon an image of vs code with some Lorem ipsum code on the screen.

Just now I saw a picture that drew my attention, so I clicked on to the profile and fuck me in the rectum from a 90 degree angle this is what I see. Visual communication does not FUCKING EQUAL WEB DEVELOPMENT.


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    Thought that as well until I scrolled through the feed... @theScientist
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    @theScientist I think the "aspired" implies that he called himself an "aspiring web developer" until he became what he considers to be a web developer.

    Or he is simply unable to write proper English. There's also that…
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    I'm graduating with a BA in Psychology in June, but I make money as a photographer, and make music and websites as a hobby. So what am I? Am I psychologist, a photographer, a musician or a developer? I'd like to think I'm all of those ☺️
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    @620hun You're whatever you want to call yourself. However it doesn't necessarily mean you're a *good* one of those. πŸ˜‰
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    @theScientist technically yes, it's BPS accredited. Scary, huh?

    @devios1 jack of all trades, master of none 😜 I just enjoy way too many things and life is too short to settle with one. On the upside, I can always just improve whatever skills I need if an opportunity arises. I had a website idea that I pitched to a friend who started making it, but then he didn't have time to do it, so I took over the front end. Then he had even less time, so I took over the whole project. I had no experience whatsoever, the last time I made a website Flash was at its peak. But I went ahead anyway, and it's almost done now. Of course it's not the nicest code ever, but it works, and that's good enough for now πŸ˜‰
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    Hehe.. he "aspired" to be a web dev and started learning HTML and CSS. Then things got difficult for him. Sad
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    @3141 From "aspiring" to "inspired", don't like to perspire
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    wtf is vs code? For a moment I kept thinking Visual Basic lol
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    Lol "fuck in the rectum at a 90 degree angle"
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    @620hun @theScientist I believe to be called a psychologist you must complete postgraduate training, either to register as a chartered psychologist or to become a clinical psychologist. You could also complete a doctorate to register as a counselling psychologist. As I understand it, the accredited undergraduate degree only gives Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC). I think the only "psychologist" role available with may an undergraduate is Assistant Psychologist, although it is highly recommended that you complete postgraduate training for that too as it's insanely competitive!
    I have a BSc in Psychology (with professional experience), but got frustrated at the cost and competition to go further with the career.
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    @ILMostro https://code.visualstudio.com

    It's a very popular text editor - similar to Atom or Sublime.

    It's also my personal favorite and highly recommended it!

    It's open source and has quite a big following!
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    Aye if you have to say about your skills or encourage them on casual social network you have no skills.
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    This rant is upsetting and shows that our community can really use work in being more inclusive.

    This sounds like your typical "real developers do X" post and those posts only promote an exclusive and elitist culture in a community already struggling with inclusion.

    I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and besides the fact that I learned to code in my major, I was never prepared for what I do outside of college (Web Development).

    I would argue that a Bachelors of Design might even be more relevant for web development because it promotes good design patterns that I just don't have exposure to.

    Learning to code outside of university is now so easy and we should not discredit those trying to learn in a non-traditional way.

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    @shiv379 yeah, I can't work as a psychologist in that sense, but I think that still counts. I know several postgrads and their course is pretty much a joke. They do the same modules as us, except that they have to write 25% more in essays. I'll probably do a pg at some point, but I need some time off studying. I've been in school for the last 16 years.
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    I see your point, but any autodidact, or any person that tries to learn code shouldn't be writing that they code in HTML, because of the fact that it isn't code. I'm not saying I'm better, and I want people to be more engaged in programming. But I just can't stand the fact that being a developer/coder/programmer is the hot thing to be right now and people just exploit that shit for their own good. It belittles the people that actually want to learn code and genuinely find it interesting.

    This is a much more in depth explanation of what I was trying to convey in the original post.

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