Python is for lazy person

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    Lazy is just another word for efficient
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    No no no
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    Dev are lazy by nature
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    Without laziness humanity would never have made any machine or computer.
    (Sorry for bad grammar)
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    Yep, lazy here, I prefer to get things done quickly so I can go back to looking at cars on the internet.
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    Strive for simplicity, not easiness.

    There is a fundamental difference.

    A dumb lazy developer will write easy iterative/procedural code and spend little time on structural design, not realizing that it increases work in the future.

    A smart lazy developer will use simple code, which is elegantly abstracted and designed for efficiency and safety, and decreases maintenance work in the future.
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    @Letmecode You are saying his grammar is perfect based on 1 piece of experimental evidence. You should practice those statistics.
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    I know its only used for data science and deep learning damn people with there PhD's
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    Yep. And hardworking people use PASCAL, right?
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    Yes, and astronomers and physicists
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    Too lazy to argue
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    Too laz
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