After ten reinstallation, finally ready my first Virtual Machine fully operative with FreeBSD.
An OS full of surprise for a Arch-fag like me.
It's just like Arch, but without complicated simple things. Even if the raw system don't have anything on, in ten minutes is a fully operative system with even a configurated Desktop Enviroment.

The malus: driver. Not every machine can be the host for FreeBSD, for example AMD GPU can't send audio channel throw the hdmi port.

Personally i love the BSD License, so i think this OS will be my permanent one after Windows 10

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    BSD seems neat. I've been looking at ghostBSD for a while now and want to use it... Biggest hurdle is that Cinnamon doesn't work well on it and then nVidia drivers are a pain to configure...

    But yeah, seems like it's a nice system overall.
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