Hardware hoarding done neatly

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    At first I thought it was an ai build room which was given a task to make a room with only pictures of mobo's
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    Can't say I find this done very neat. While it is neat, it isn't neat. You get me? Ok, neat ;)
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    @jespersh I think I agree
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    What the heck?

    Wow...but its done neatly though
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    Looks like the inside of a borg cube lol
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    *breaths lead and toxic metal*
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    take me
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    Lol if i sit in that sofa you will listen a VERY BIG CRUSH of all that mobos
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    This is an accidental repost, I think. The same picture has been posted a year ago or so I think.

    A sign that devRant is starting to get bigger, like waaay bigger.
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    I find this inspiring.

    I might do a mobo room like that in a few years..

    But to make it really cool, all the hardware will be connected to a single hidden switch that when turned on all the fans and leds will start. Maybe also make it play a creepy intergalactic sound to add to the overall atmosphere..
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