The beauty of css is: it always makes me give up

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    Should try utility first approach to css :3
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    Actually Col-* is one of the easiest concepts to grasp on bootstrap, you're basically dividing your 12 grids to smaller ones without the need to tediously fix on all screen sizes.

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    use raw html and css

    bootstrap is maybe useful for lazy people who dislike making their sites complex and responsive but really.. really I hate it xD
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    CSS has a way of tending to frustrate most developers
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    Don't use a verbose framework then. Try to write everything yourself.
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    I wrote my personal col-* template in Sass/SCSS :D Really, Bootstrap's col-* is pretty fine. There are far more frustrating things in CSS.
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    @shaki actually at the end I got it right, problem was I was dealing with some legacy code where some dumb fucks using bootstrap decided to override the 12 columns system to implement inside it a col-md-5ths where instead they had some 5 bigger cols, so I was trying to align with their shit with the normal bootstrap + some css stuff, at the end decided to refactor that mess and got it right with common cols
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