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A really nice NFA xD

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    Would be nice if you could translate…
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    @runfrodorun Wie viele Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten gibt es in die Nähe
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    @runfrodorun you said "I sleeping"

    The graphics says: From a state z may exit multiple (or none) arrows with the same character a (see graphics).
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    Looks like a dfa to me
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    Ich = I
    Einfschlafen = falling asleep
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    @devios1 he wanted to put an 'a' on both edges, but didn't, thus drawing a DFA instead of an NFA although he wanted to introduce NFAs :D
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    @dbeecham A DFA has to define transitions for all actions, on all states. So every state would have two outgoing arrows. A final states would for example have two transitions (a and b) pointing towards itself.
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    @Tobias We had the convention that you could leave out the "error state(s)": if the automaton in the picture would be a Regex matcher for the Regex "a|b" (assuming z' and z'' to be final states) the input of "c" (element of Sigma) would just be discarded.
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    @Tobias we had the convention that you skipped invalid states and had implicit transitions to a dead state for everything else
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