Guy i just met: So you are a programmer??

Me: Yaa, i known a few programming languages.

Guy: So can you like, make games and shit??

Me: ...

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    So, do you make games? 🤔
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    Can you hack my Facebook?

    Can you fix my printer?

    My computer is fucked up, can you fix it?

    I have a great idea for the next Facebook and Google. Can you code it for me? I can't pay you, but I can expose you to all 3 of my friends.
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    Shit? Oh yeah, every day thank you.
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    I could.

    But I won't. Not for you.
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    "Will you build me a website?"

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    Does a Rock, Paper, Scissors against a PRNG count?
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    @rtheone sure.... For money :^)
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    @Cyan101 a starving artist or local business owner can find someone way cheaper than me ;)
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