A little and sweet rant about RANTS! What the hell guys, I can finally think about a social network happily, but I have the feeling that I'm not a part of this awesome community :'( I mean, everyone is getting problem with some clients or whatever. But I'm currently unemployed, and never really get through that kind of problems. Ok they lied to me on the job, ok I paid 15000 euros 2 years of school where there were still people who doesn't care about the work, ok I left my girlfriend, ok I have a fucking hard time to go back to work with that... But all of this is not really juicy, my life is simple and mostly happy :'(
Maybe I should hope that my next job will be with stupid people :o
I love you guys <3

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    The odds of your next job being with stupid people are...pretty good. Welcome. 🤓
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    @bighead yep cause god must love stupid people, he made so damn many
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    Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. Between my 3 jobs, I can lend you a few stupid people to rant about!!
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    @taylorviktorya thanks :D but I guess I have to find them myself, or it wouldn't be fair :p
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    @Celes offer stands if you change your mind ;) :P
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