All my life I have been living with my family. I'll soon be leaving my home and going to another city for work. I'll most probably be living alone and I'm quite apprehensive. Anyone willing to share their experiences of relocating to another city by yourself?

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    Even if you think you're ready to live alone, the first days will feel different with lack of other people at home. Eventually you will get used to it and in the end you won't want someone else in your space.
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    @Qaldim Yup that's a problem, I never lived alone but my dad did, now he can't stand people in the house :/
    Took dad a couple of years to get used to us living with him
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    I recently moved 5 hours away to another state, been staying at a pub during work probation period (which finished last week) and moving in with a couple locals tomorrow. I'm pretty unsocial so being at a pub was a good way to make sure I made friends..

    I'll probably move back to Melbourne in a year or two, but enjoying the time away for now.
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    Its great to be far from every one. Sometimes it sux but often its great.

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    It's an awesome experience. I've done it twice now and I can say that you always learn something new about yourself. It gets pretty lonely at the beginning and the older you get the harder it is to make new friends. But push through that and you'll have a lot of fun soon
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    Hope I can try that soon for the first time. I wanna try living abroad and being responsible for everything I do.
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    Did it to join the service, never regretted it. Made me grow up quickly and what I am today because of it.
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    I moved to another country for university and i ended up living alone. At the beginning it was quite confusing, but i really like it. Especially the freedom it gives you. You have more time for yourself, do things at your own pace. I've been working on many side-projects and stuff that i couldn't have done before
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    I am in the similar situation. I will be traveling to another country for pursuing my graduate studies this fall. Although I have lived in various places within the Country, this will be the first time I am living abroad.
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