TGFLE - Thank God for Let's Encrypt

I respect what they're doing, and the certbot they offer.

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    Yep. They are awesome!
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    So true. I specially love cabby as a server. It provides let's encrypt certificates out of the box and auto renews them
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    @adfr huh, never heard of Cabby; the company i have my hosting with, Eco Web Hosting, introduced me to let's encrypt when they provided them for all hosting plans.
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    I must say, i didn't expect fod this rant to become my most upvoted one, quite fast at thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But i guess that means alot of you guys and gals see the awesome benefit they bring, which is awesome 😊😊
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    @AllenII oh, typo ;) Caddy was the name https://caddyserver.com
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    I love LetsEncrypt. Actually wrote an article about it on Medium that has been my most popular one so far https://hackernoon.com/stop-paying-...
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