Thought of buying an HTC Vive then I realized I would need to add a few things to my shopping list:
- 16 GB Ram cards
- Windows 10
- 2 TB Hard drive
- NVIDIA Graphics Card
- HDMI Display Port/Controller
- 2 monitors

My parents ended up getting me a Google Cardboard

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    What were you expecting?
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    Why would you need Win10, 2TB of HDDs or 2 monitors? I can understand the rest but why do you need those?
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    @@T99- just to be extra because I have a dell optiplex and I need to speed it up and do multi monitor dev
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    Install trinus on your PC and Phone and you can fool slot of application that you have a VR headset
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    I remember the day I first received my Google Cardboard. At the time it was the best thing I had in my possession. I use to watch all my videos on it eventhough it gave me headaches. It was fun.
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    @chaoticrefactor I’d says you need a minimum 256GB SSD. HDDs aren’t gonna help you much
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