devRantron v1.2.1

A lot of people have asked me in comments if it is available in windows, macOS or linux. Just to clear this up that it's available on all platform including all linux distros.


1. Clicking on in-app notifications will now scroll to the relevant comment
2. You can scroll outside the column now. Your mouse cursor doesn't need to inside to scroll through the feed
3. Clicking ESC will close any open modal
4. Use arrow keys to scroll feeds
5. User can't subscribe himself anymore
6. You can press enter to log in

Get it from here: https://devrantron.firebaseapp.com

**I posted this yesterday night but removed it immedietly as I detected a huge bug in the release. Sorry 😞

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    I noticed an error too immediately
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    What was it?
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    @tahnik I meant in ur post :) "immedietly"
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    O yea, feature request? Save Drafts with images, multiple drafts.

    That's one other thing that keeps me with my app :)

    BTW does ur API support the ++ features? (longer post times?) I think old API still restricts edits to 5 mins?
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    @billgates yeah I should do the draft thingy. And yes, it supports the ++ features.
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    Another Bug. Somehow ended up with 3 instances running. Some prolly other versions.

    And I think the Attach Image buttons hould be different and "Add Comment" maybe just "Post" would be better. Add Comment felt like it would open a new Windows...

    yea i sorta became dumb for a moment maybe...
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    @billgates the app runs in the background. So if you are closing it and opening it again from start menu or by clicking the icon, it will start a new instance. Also, in windows, make sure you use auto update from in-app. Because in windows for some reason, it doesn't remove the old version if you install a new one.
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    @tahnik No way to check if an instance is already running n kill it first or just bring it to the foreground?

    Thanks you, good to know
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    @billgates yeah, need to check that in future release. Do you mind opening some issues? Will be really easy to track 😚
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    @tahnik o right forgot. I'm actually out ATM... About to board a cruise, no wifi... 😁 be back in a week, guess will add then
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    I would suggest that instead of putting the Linux penguin logo next to Ubuntu, you put the actual Ubuntu logo.
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