Oke so this just happened...

Spent 30 minutes figuring out why the f**k a div was vertically centered within another one.

Apparently margin:auto within a display: flex not only centers horizontally but also vertically.

I remember the days when i spent hours vertically centering sh*t. What universe are we in?

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    Saved to favorites so I never have to cry about that problem again
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    Could someone provide an example? I'm not into web development but it seems really interesting
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    Oh I feel sorry for web devs, I think they are the most suffering devs on earth, I do have similar problems in mobile development but non that make me suffer like this one
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    Looks like jsfiddle is not a brilliant mobile service. Anyway, idea is clear.
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    @ctrlz you made me blind with that red background lol
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    Hahaha oops @gitpush better now?
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    @ctrlz haha yes yes much better
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    @ctrlz lol "background:Peachpuff;"
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    @ctrlz I thought flex can only center szuff in one dimension, either horizontaly or verticaly and that's why there's grid (well at least it's comming).

    Ok grid has a lot of other cool stuff, like "reordering" content based on display size.
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    If this works it's a good find. I normally do

    Display: flex;
    Align-items: centre;
    Text-align: centre;
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    @Wack take a look at the jsfiddle. I dont make this shit up. 😄
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    @ctrlz I did, that's why I was so surprised.
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