@dfox I'm not sure if this is entirely kosher, but if you added an option in a menu somewhere to watch a video or two to support Devrant, I'd partake every day or two.

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    There was a discussion about this before the pro program came into fruitation but more preferred to just chuck them a few quid/dollars etc each month and keep ads out of the equation.
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    Yeah I suggested something similar not too long ago.. I think it's an excellent idea!
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    @nblackburn I don't mean constant, unavoidable ads, rather an opt-in scheme of sorts, where if a user wishes to they can watch a random advert from the preferences menu.

    I don't have a few quid to throw at apps, what with starting a business and all, and I'm not the only one. I would like to have the opportunity to support devrant in whatever way I can, though.
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    @monr0e I know exactly what you mean as it was what was suggested in the original discussions.
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