Client: "Need to have an urgent meeting on some major changes" .
Me:"Travels half way across city"
Client : Explains how the heading of a page should be in blue as it would be more aesthetic.
How many meetings have you had that would have just sufficed with a simple email ?

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    Too many 😬
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    I actually started billing clients for meetings, half the time I end up being a free consultant, so I figured I would charge them if they "really needed to see me urgently" I don't tend to get so many futile ones anymore.
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    There seems to be too many people willing to actually put their words to "paper".

    My theory is that many of them don't want any dumb shit they say to be documented like that.

    But if they say dumb shit in a meeting they can always refute it later.
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    How many? Too many. I've been working many years at the same office and most of our meetings is crap. Partly due to the fact that we have some self absorbed extroverts and some hard core introverts in the same group :)
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