The enemy isn't russia, nor china. Nor it is one of those poor middle east countries. The enemy is within us. It needs decapitation.

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    Are you saying the enemy is Farage? Coz I agree...
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    Maybe he has some shady transactions?
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    That's strange I just lost one of my only fans subscribers 🤔
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    Good list on events where finance has been weaponized. Take note and start preparation...

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    @mansur85 I barely follow farage' politics but even something worse is going on, silencing of oppositions.

    Even nazis had bank account in foreign countries they didn't shutdown, and some of the high ranking officials went straight to NATO.
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    @ostream sorry it's just been taken by a "RishiPMForHummus".

    Maxed out on spots I'm afraid.
    I'll put you on the waiting list 😘
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    For those saying he deserved it, because "I hate his politics", don't cry when the same thing happens to you and nobody gives a damn. This is one of those lines you shouldn't have crossed even for your worst enemies. This might be a temporary win, but harder times like ahead for you too.

    It's like a pendulum which swings hard in the other direction too.
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    His accounts were closed because he didn't have the requisite money to meet the banks wealth threshold.

    This is just classic Farage lies to try and stay relevant. Now OP can you get your far right sympathy fake news bullshit out of our programming community. Please and thank you.
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    @Shardj No and go fuck yourself.
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