I have a developer job and being paid less than my uni classfellows who are in QA and support positions. Aren't developers supposed to be paid more?

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    Developer's get good pay?

    Oh my god thats the funniest thing ive heard in years
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    @BigMacca101 Actually, they should get good pay where I live. Hope that doesn't change too soon.
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    @BigMacca101 Shouldn't they be paid more than support engineers who just answer emails from customers.
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    @valium123 Oh god no, it's not like we put in lots of work or anything *sarcasm*
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    Idk, where I'm from the developer pay is really nice imo. A junior dev typically starts at $60k/yr.

    A developer job also has a lot more room for salary growth... Senior devs can typically make upward of $100k/yr. I've never heard of a support tech making anywhere near that.
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    @charliefoxtrot where do you live mate? I'm going!!
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    @jflima America. Pretty much the only developer jobs that start below $60k here are government jobs... And you probably don't want those anyway lol.
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    You normally get paid less than your work is worth. How much less depends on how bad you are at negotiating.

    I've worked with QA people who earned more than me and i wish i could do so again. (Having QA engineers who write automated tests for you rocks)
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    @BigMacca101 developers earn very decently here as well. Although nowhere close those American figures. Nobody in any profession earns that much here.

    Here I thought devs earn well everywhere but what do you know 😯
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    @vertti well I live in Australia and if you want a job programming, it's essentially freelance for pennies or week by week contract for less pennies
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