Casually debugging some cuda code today. Something's not working so I add a breakpoint in the suspicious kernel. For some reason I set the display GPU as the active device from my code *GENIUS* ( I have two GPUs installed, one for compute, one for the monitors).

Starts cuda debugging... Control flow reached the kernel and eventually the breakpoint. Suddenly the whole system freezes. Mouse doesn't move, keyboard seems dead. I realize I have unsaved code on the open text editor😲 *panic*. Keyboard shortcut to stop debugging doesn't work *panic^2*. My colleague says I have to hard reset the machine *panic^3*. I don't remember the last time I saved *panic^4*.

I take a deep breath. I reset. *sidenote: WINDOWS DECIDED TO FUCKING UPDATE ON REBOOT* Once I login, 50% of my code was lost. I didn't save 😢

Fuck you Nvidia 😢

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    *casually whispers* should have used opencl
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    Tears have just been shed in silence ' ' '
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    @calmyourtities good luck debugging opencl kernels. 😅
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    I save every time I start a new line of code. You can only loose one line at most :)
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    @robzombie111 We use it at work, I still CMD+S, old habits die hard.
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    Run sshd and log in remotely to save work. Ftw
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    I always have sshd off in case a colleague logs in to prank me because I gave them accounts to copy files from my machine (scp).
    So unless I recently turned it on that wouldn't work.

    The keyboard shortcuts should have worked. Worst case scenario close everything (spam alt+tab, alt+f4?).
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