Today I accessed DevRant and once again I've only seen posts that were unrelated to development. Politics, anti-activism, american stuff that only americans know, and so on. Since I think the community enjoys this content now, I think it's time for me to leave, after 6+ years here.
It's been a pleasure!

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    I'll add European politics and rants about German railway and broken internet connections. Maybe people stop posting about dev issues because the real source of frustration isn't on our computer screens anymore?
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    How can be a person more frustrated with real life problems than code?

    The question sounds a bit rhetorical, yes but this is the real price of being a senior: you get mad at the wrong stuff(real life).
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    @jassole, this low testosteron leftie @ostream called me right wjng! Tell him who I really am.
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    I agree with you crisz. DevRant turned from "website of devs ranting about software development" to "politics, the left and right, I have a penis and I wanna cut it off".

    @ostream and @aviophile fucking ruined this site for all of us.
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    It's really just ostream being a radical ideologue. These people come and go. Back in the day there where some others that were just annoying as hell but they will eventually go away
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    Oh no, anyway...
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    Really just ostream spamming with his retarded shit left, right and center.
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    Did you just create a non dev related post to complain about non dev related posts?
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    @AlmondSauce non dev related post inception! haha!
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