⏺ Procrastinating - SoundCloud on shuffle mode.
⏺Concentration lvl - NOOB or repeated work - Something that a mindless zombie could do. I play OneRepublic, Maroon 5, Coldplay, GreenDay, etc.
⏺ Concentration lvl - Serious - AudioMachine, Two Steps from Hell, etc
⏺ Concentration lvl God mode - I require absolute zero silence. You make as much a *sigh* anywhere within 4m radius of me, or I realise of your existence, you would wish you weren't born.

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    Nice bullets. Didn't read the rant yet.

    Edit: nice rant, too.
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    (you did a mistake by saying "zero silence" but I don't wanna be rude so I'm whispering in Ascii)
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    I am currently on God level concentration. I'm in a near-empty library. Someone is reading a book and they are turning the pages kinda loud. Very annoying. Makes me wanna tomahawk a fucker.
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    @vanhoosr Yet you're on DevRant dude 😂
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