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How can I create a git release with only distribution files?

Let's say I have a Sass project and it compiles to a single CSS file. I want to provide just the CSS file in download as release and exclude all other source files. How can I do that and how should this be automated?


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    Our company used a makefile that you just have to call
    Make dist
    And all the Sass files got compiled, automated tests were executed, etc. And at the end you had a clean installation folder ready to get rolled out
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    @sumzor Thanks for the answer but Git releases can only use git branches or commit as a release.
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    @waqas-ibrahim maybe there is a way to use Jenkins for that. It can be used for ci so maybe it can refresh a distribution branch, too?
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    Thanks @sumzor, looking into it right now.
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    git checkout --orphan newbranchwithnohistory
    git add sass.css
    git commit -m "Initial commit"
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