Fuck, haskell is hard!!

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    haskell ? whats : that;
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    Well it's mostly math and type theory.
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    @moolsbytheway It's a very functional programming language based on confusing-but-surprisingly-helpful mathematical concepts like monads and functors.
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    Hard but beautiful!
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    Functional programming for the win 😄
    I should try and learn Haskell for good great myself
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    I gave Haskell a try once but I wasn't motivated enough to keep learning as I already know Scala, which kinda combines OOP and Functional Programming. What's so hard about it? Or is it Functional Programming in general?
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    @Letmecode I agree, and I think that in a few years it might start getting some real mainstream traction.
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    @bthrsmynmbr Right now the part I'm struggling with is juggling and combining different Monads, sometimes it's really tricky to find the right way to compose functions together. I like it though, definitely a new challenge that helps me think differently in my everyday programming. Plus I think once i really get going I'll be able to get way more done with less code!
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    And learn Haskell allow you do get better at C++ too :o right Boost Hana?
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    think hard, write less... but damn it pisses me sometimes, like
    (SomeClass o, SomeClass p) => o -> p

    yeah, does not mean 'o' and 'p' gotta be different types, damn you haskell, they can be the same type, but sometimes not!
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