"Java and C++ Spring Boot and Angular Ansible Jenkins Azure Hosting"

nice, a stack for boomers lost in the 2000s

stop it. just stop it.

"Some other tech buzzwords we use"... yeah, "typescript" and "big query" are not "tech buzzwords" they're literally the names of languages and/or tools

tell me you're an HR rube without telling me you're an HR rube

😩😩😩 <- love this one, literally called "weary face"

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    Well, boomers tech has the most stable job in the industry... Enterprise software will never be built upon your hot new JS framework.
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    @MaddScientist Build an enterprise software with the sexy Svelte framework 🤣🤣🤣
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    @davide really, is Svelte stable enough for the job. I'm newbie in this stuff. Just found on internet. What I've Heard about Svelte is that it's very good, but as of now we only have to go with React a sits the most popular one currently.
    Svelte is used mostly for personal projects or small projects.
    Is it true?
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    @novar my guess is that svelte, while probably just as powerful as React in terms of perfomance, just doesn't have all the libraries you would eventually want or need if building an enterprise sized app in svelte, you would need to build nearly everything from scratch (in some places preferrable, but more often than not, not preferrable!)
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