Righto guys I need a desk. Not a gaming desk. Just a desk. I have no room for my third monitor. So for all of you 3 monitor Devs what desks are you using?

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    Just a simple kitchen table
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    I live in outer space so i dont need a desk.
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    @Numer However those are mostly glass. Even tempered glass breaks. I will leave this video here:

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    I built my own, so it fits perfectly in my room, and is tailored to my needs. If you have some simple wordowrking tools and a free weekend, I would suggest doing the same
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    @captnmatt2736 What type of wood? Something like MDF or something more fancy?
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    @Pgdevpatryk Whatever strikes your fancy. I went for the cheapest 1"x12"x10' board in Home depot (I believe it was Pine, so I could stain it), got two of them, and cut them at 45° to make an L. Then I used some 4x4s as posts, and 2x4s to wrap around. MDF is a good option if you'd prefer to paint/vynil it instead of stain, and I have heard of a lot of people using cheap doors and and some file cabinets. Really it's all about what you'd prefer to work with and what you want the outcome to be.
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    @Pgdevpatryk my kitchen table is not made of glass. I think it is oak wood or something like that
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    Who needs desks when you have string!? /s
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    Monitor arms FTW!
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