So my company has this ritual that all of it's new hires have to go through some online training regarding the policies and blah blah...
It basically takes hours and a lot of caffeine​.

I'm thinking of automating the process and leave the package for the poor new souls to use for free!

Although, still in dilemma if it'll be unethical.

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    A bit, yes. That training, while boring, is something that needs to be done by the employees as a CYA to the company.

    And depending on what it is and where it's located, the company has OSHA requirements that everyone has to go through and at least learn, even if they'll never apply it.
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    Please dont. The more people that watch those and pay attention the fewer creeps i have to deal with daily. For the sake of anyone "different" please do not give people a way to skip those trainings. A lot of people still need them.
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    Also, not a ritual. A legal requirement.
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    Don't worry, it's not even an option when I found out they are using flash players.
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    You should prank the company by using a flash exploit to take down their entire infrastructure. Just think of the laughs you'll get from that one!
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    Good suggestion. There's just one problem: I don't want to loose my job just yet! 😅
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