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    Android studio is literally hell!

    I tried it one time because of curiosity of Android app development.
    Created a new app project in Android studio. I just wanted to run a blank project. But I didn't work. I got some kind of gradle error although I havent edited a line. What the hell is that.

    Visual studio is way better than Android studio in case of performance and all of the rest of the development things. And I love Xamarin. F*** off Java and Android studio.
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    Even if android studio has some starting errors its really great ide based on free community edition of intelli J idea when u get used to it u will never change ever

    Eclipse is too hyped but bad ... it would be the last ide of my choice
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    I've used all of the but xamarin it's worst on windows, android studio is "strange " but it not work so bad , eclipse is good One and probably my loved One, but visual studio beat all if wasn't for the ctrl+space that is the only One that not complete but only show suggest and Every time i write wrong
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    In the little time I've spent programming in Android studio, I've rarely encountered errors with it. It runs fine on my desktop with very few crashes, if any, and the only errors I get are for my *terrible* at times code, not the app itself.
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    What's all this about Android Studio being slow? I've got it running absolutely smoothly on a laptop with an i5-3337U and 6 gigs of RAM.
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