Waiting to find out results of interview. Dying. I need a change so bad.

Can't stop thinking about questions I wish I would've answered better but I have skin crawling anxiety during interviews and I haven't had one in a loooong time 😭😫 fucking fuck shit fuck universe help me out.

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    * rubs yesNo's back *
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    @yesNo can't see that emotion
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    Its a submissive face basically
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    @yesNo I know that feeling... like you get to the next question and fuuuck it was the other answer...

    what I hate about their tests is that they don't give you the end result sometimes, and I don't need to know how many I got wong/right, just to know if I passed...
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    @ostream place honestly seemed awesome so idk 😭 but you're right good call
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    Thanks buddy I appreciate it so much times are rough our here
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