5 GB magically lost!
Had to partition a drive and i used easeus partition manager..reduced 1 partition from 100 to 95
Said computer had to be rebooted so i said ok...went to some boot screen of easeUs and had to hard reboot computer...ended up with this

Had to copy 95 gb worth of files and format drive with windows partition manager to fix it
Wasted 2 hrs

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    Damn. GPT at work
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    @Kimmax not sure if gpt or just ntfs at work tbh :p
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    @lotd was referring to the amount of partitions on disk 0, MBR couldn't handle that without logical partitions
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    Why did you cover up the names of your porn partitions? 🤔
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    Why would you split up a small drive that much? Just seems inconvenient.
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    @wizzzard the movies drive is the porn drive.
    The other 2 is probably embarrassing stuff, like javascript frameworks he's making and clips of him dancing
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