lol I love playing tricks set a script to automatically lock account that is after its logged out jajajajajaja I love being an admin

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    That is so soft compared to some of the stuff I've done, here are further recommendations:

    -fork bomb on click, add to startup after that so happens every restart

    -turn USB ports off in registry OR group policy

    - recursive loop that creates empty files all over a specific drive

    - disable mouse input on click

    - swap around vowels in keyboard and language settings on click

    Have fun!
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    Could also make the chrome icon open Internet Explorer /edge instead then when they click the chrome.exe file run a message "lol fgt" or something

    I've seen one that you can do where the icon runs away from the mouse too
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    @0xH4lcyon yeah I know how to do all of that but j don't know what fork bomb is .... and yeah it kept on trying to open as default edge which was pissing me off cause I mean I know how tO force it to open in Google Chrome which is basic but the thing is why would the pc even think I wanted it in edge (lol) sometimes it just disgusts me jajajaja but yeah
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    @Jrubin :(){ :|:& };: is a fork bomb. Here's a wee description of what it is and how it works :)

    :(){ :|:& };:
    \_/| |||| ||\- ... the function ':', initiating a chain-reaction: each ':' will start two more.
    | | |||| |\- Definition ends now, to be able to run ...
    | | |||| \- End of function-block
    | | |||\- disown the functions (make them a background process), so that the children of a parent
    | | ||| will not be killed when the parent gets auto-killed
    | | ||\- ... another copy of the ':'-function, which has to be loaded into memory.
    | | || So, ':|:' simply loads two copies of the function, whenever ':' is called
    | | |\- ... and pipe its output to ...
    | | \- Load a copy of the function ':' into memory ...
    | \- Begin of function-definition
    \- Define the function ':' without any parameters '()' as follows:
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    @hidden thanks for the elaboration
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    @Jrubin sorry I can't tell if that's meant to be sarcasm or not
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    @hidden lol no I really meant it I had no idea what fork bomb was and now I think I do anyway
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