I absolutely hate software that throws error message boxes that look identical to their "please enter new password" message box.

User called and said they needed their password reset. I give them a temp pin and tell them to press ok to the prompt and then put new password in. She says it is still saying invalid pin. This goes on for 10 minutes. I hang up and try on my laptop. Works fine. Then it hits me.

The message boxes look the same. Have the same width and height and shitty little yellow triangle with ! In the middle. The only difference between them is the text in size 9 font.

Gotta read people...cause sometimes the people developing your software assume you can. And to all the software people out there....end users don't want to fucking read.

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    I tell this to our UX designer all the time. Her solution to everything is adding a paragraph with an explanation.

    I'd rather build a UI that looks obvious and makes sense.
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    @devrocket how does she get paid for UX design with that mindset!? That's pretty much the opposite of what her job's supposed to be
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    @devrocket yea someone should make sure she knows end users don't and in most cases won't read anything you need them to.
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    @randomr @CptFox exactly what I tell her. She went to school for design, not UX. She got moved into the position and has only read articles about 'x' and 'y'. She also doesn't design for mobile, it's left up to dev how it will respond. So at least we get input there.
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