Before anyone starts going batshit crazy, this is NOT a windows hate post. Just a funny experience imo.

So I was tasked with installing ProxMox on a dedicated server at my last internship. The windows admin was my guider (he could also do debian). (he was a really nice/chill guy)

So we were discussing what VM's we wanted and the boss (really cool dude by the way) said he wanted a VPS for storing some company stuff as well. Fair enough, what would we use? I suggested debian and centos. Then we started discussing what we'd do if the systems would fuck up etc (at installation or whatever).
So I didn't wanna look like a Linux Nazi so I suggested windows. Then the happy/positive guider/windows admin suddenly became dead serious (I was actually like 'woah' for a second) and said this:
No. We're not going to fucking use windows for this. For general servers etc sometimes, fair enough but we're talking about sensitive company data here. I don't want that data to be stored on a proprietary/closed source system, hell what if there's some kinda fucking backdoor build in, who can fucking verify that? We're using Linux, end of discussion.


I was pretty flabbergasted as he's a nice guy and actually really likes windows!

Linux it became.

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    tell him to look at the bright side, if data were lost due to hardware failure, Microsoft keeps a backup :P

    What I liked in your rant is the fact a pro employee is discussing and planning with an intern, I don't usually see this and I had difficulties at the beginning of my work experience due to seniors being arrogant
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    @gitpush I was asked numerous times to manage servers there, configure firewalls and so on πŸ˜ƒ
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    @linuxxx oooh the beauty of those tasks -- says inner you :D
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    Proxmox is beautiful. And a fresh debian install with samba is more than sufficient to handle file storage.
    Good guy
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    I wonder if Microsoft lose their stolen data due to bugs and unexpected updates.
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