Manager: Hi, here is component X with 200k lines of code. Can you go through the code and see if you can implement component Y using component X?

Me: What does component X do?

Manager: I don't know.

Me: Is there a design docs for it?

Manager: I don't know. Can you check? Let me know when it is done.

*Wondering if I should joke and say "Oh management, hard job huh?"*

*Remembering how life is fucked up unfair and I need food to survive and house to live in and follow the society's rules and work hard to make the rich richer and shove money into their fat belly of greed...*

Me: OK.

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    Ohh man...
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    I don't know what component X does but please use it
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    Give him X drug, “I don’t know what it does, but please use it”
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    At least this guy isn't a doctor...
    During a heart transplant surgery:
    -"Hey don't put a heart in him, put this organ"
    -"What is it?
    -"I dunno"
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    @calmyourtities Ah, you were faster haha. Also perfect username, please comment on every rant where someone is overreacting
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    To be fair he did say what X does. From the explanation I understood he doesn't know...
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    I think he was just trying to be helpful in all honesty. He wanted to see if some old code he had could help with what you were currently doing. Definitely not the worst boss you could have.
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    @calmyourtities oh I totally agree. So, can you please tell me the result of:

    ((Your boss' salary)/(Your salary)) / ((Your boss's effort and contribution)/(Your effort and contribution))

    Fair business wealth distribution!
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    Here is a box. I don't know what's inside of it, all I know is it's pretty big and heavy. I want you to make whatevers inside and make it fly. Let me know when you get that taken care of.
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