Got banned from stack overflow because my questions were too "simple". FML. Being a newbie sucks

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    Answering questions to people, who can't even google a bit before asking sucks the same way. I'm tired of flaging. Duplicate. Duplicate. Duplicate. Just google damn title of question and click first question!
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    Friendly downvote because I'm sure googling would have helped you.
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    If your Google-fu doesnt solve your problem. Start typing various iterations of your question into stackoverflow's "ask a question" section without hitting submit.

    More often than not, you will find a question or answer incredibly close to what you're after, anyway.
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    Read the docs on how to ask a good question and you won't be a newbie.
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    @theScientist How do you mean?
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    @theScientist I meant being a newbie at asking questions on SO :)

    But reading the documentation takes you a long way in programming too!
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