I'm fed up with you guys ranting about what you SHOULD HAVE said, but instead just walked out, said something cowardly, or nothing at all...

For fuck sake, grow a pair and stand up for yourself! Noone else will...

I get it, this place is a nice vent, people understand, it's not face-to-face, it's easy. But the sheer number of you that had a clear chance to be grow, and ran for the door is alarming.

I also get it, it's mostly difficult to talk back to a client/boss/professor. But there's a few steps between FUCK YOUR FUCKING DIPSHIT FACE and running to the corner to post a rant here.

Find the right words. You don't have to sware, be civilized, but take a stand, present your arguments, present facts and proofs. Don't give in to their scare tactics, earn that respect you need and deserve! Then come here like a winner and share it with us.

It has become quite a tradition here to sware in all caps and then say that's what you should have said, but didn't. From now on, I'm -- these posts to give my two cents in an attempt to make this a community of winners ranting about a stupid world. Not a community of cowards ranting how world is scary.

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    I think a subtitle to "devRant" might be "Competitive Swearing for People Who Sometimes Write Code". It really does feel like that sometimes.
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    @kp15 I've said it up there, there's a few solutions between telling everyone to fuck off and pouting in the corner. Find the right language, present your side, stand up! I did it a couple of times myself, it makes your work environment more pleasurable. People respect a strong person. Being weak because you have a few bills isn't really a life worth living.
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    @kp15 I don't feel I'm generalising. I'm targeting a specific group of devRanters, with a concrete, yet flexible advice.
    Not everyone will react to the same situation the same, but a clear pattern has emerged here:
    - Someone was mean to me
    - That's what I should have said
    - Instead I ran away
    It became around 40% of rants here... Yeah, grow a pair!
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    There I told you.
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    @moortuvivens Good for you!
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    @sljux Excuse me but just because this works for you, doesn't mean it works for everyone and not doing that doesn't make you 'weak' right away.

    I personally can't stand racism and seeing people being treated like crap so yeah when I see that I react.

    But when it comes to work, right now I've got this job to have enough to live off and pay the bills. I'm already below the norms over here and its very simple, if it keeps going like this, they might fire me. I've been applying for jobs for a while now and still nothing else than this so I quite fancy keeping my current job for now.

    Some people aren't good in things like that. I can't fucking help that I'm not good at it! Although its getting better and better, when I got a visit from the manager today (he's a nice guy though) about my norms, my heart was still in my throat for a fucking hour.

    Sorry but I just can't do that shit, I just can't.
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