Communist argue here: corporations are bad, but they agree governments are like corporations and bad too, but still want more government control. Too many diaper adults these days.

There are many ways to get rid of bad corporations one by boycotting it. On the other hand, there are no ways to get rid of bad policies. You'd be protesting your whole life for a net 0.0000001% of the change or none at all. Some people even burn themselves for protesting.

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    You're protesting your whole life.. On a dev forum
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    in a healthy democracy, the government must have a capable and competitive product in every sector.

    otherwise the competition in private sector is viciously manipulative: firms with large funding will eat up smaller competitions to create a monopoly or duopoly and end up hiking prices to infinity.

    case in point : the public sector transport. compare the prices of airline travel (where govt usually does not get involved) vs on road travels (where travelling via train/metro/bus is very cheap compared to travel via uber/taxi)
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    Most companies are either a part of a conglomerate or a conglomerate itself.

    Boycotting them is nearly impossible...

    Lawsuits are impossible.

    Trademarks prevent - depending on law - any form of competition. Even if a competition exists, it could be bought up as soon as it becomes a "threat".

    We reaped what we sowed.

    Take e.g. Nestlé and try to resolve all subsidiaries etc. It's more than likely that you have Nestle products at home unknowingly.
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    @retoor Or maybe I am just drawn to work around the system despite feeling sorry for you clowns.

    And I might be at the last witty end of the "fuck it, why not do it" to be the same corp you people despise and to maximise my profit curve.
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    @ostream nope whats that?
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    It's cute that you think boycotting actually accomplishes anything these days
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    @iceb ask bud light
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    @ostream littering is breaking non aggression if someone else owns the land.
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    Get rid of lobbying first, but the problem is that you need to lobby to make that happen
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    @DarkMukke Agree lobbying needs to be removed, that means government has less hands into key private sectors. And thus avoiding political favours/advantages to particular interests groups or corporations.

    You know why companies like macdonalds push for minimum wage laws, because that also means pushing out the locals out of the competition.
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