I feel so lonely

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    Here are things to try:
    - Hit the gym
    - Go and meet some Friends (if that's a possibility)
    - Play Online Videogames
    - Watch Some Rick and Morty, Adventure Time or Jojo's Bizarre adventure
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    @R5on11c decent advice.
    Though those groups are often harder to get into, than it's worth.

    Particularly gym, depending on which gym it is.

    I find for meeting new people, attending events in your interest and simply sharing your opinions, for better or worse, works.

    If you're not that outgoing, then joining and helping a open source project, maybe hopping on a Linux distro irc and volunteering to help out? :)
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    @lotd honest advice for gym. Look for a friend or someone else who already goes to the gym for some time and has experience. Those people are happy to share their opinion about everything and tell you the do-s and don't-s.

    Take that wisdom with a grain of salt and ask for a proper training program at your gym of choice. Do your training by yourself, you don't even have to talk to people when you know what you need to do next.

    After some time you have the first results and a fairly good knowledge about fitness. Sooner or later you will get into conversations with other people at the gym (even the ladies (who are mostly in good shape ( which is noiCe))) and maybe make some friends.

    Keep in mind, even if you don't make friends at the gym, the benefit you will have from all of this pays off, trust me. It's not exactly a thing for couch-poatos but you also don't need an olympic will and an overkill training program.
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    stop being Satan
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    @R5on11c I've been working out for 8 or 9 years without any major breaks and in multiple gyms.

    I have yet to meet anybody except maybe, the coaches that doesn't snarl at you, if you ask for advice, going for friends tho.

    I have helped plenty of people out with stuff like deadlifting and squatting like they're on a bullet train to snap city...
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    @lotd that's odd. I mean i have the elitist meatheads where i live too but there are also good sportsmen. It may depend where you're living.
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    @R5on11c I'm often considered one of the "elitist meat heads"..
    Because I can't feel even decent about myself unless I at least pushed my limits.
    And have a love for big heavy compounds. :)

    The few I've interacted with in/from gym, mostly looked at me like some area51 alien, when I told them I'm a software developer x)
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    How about hackerspaces?
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    @BurningSatan Don't you have a relationship with Saddam Hussein?
    (Please get the South Park reference... In case you don't: http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/...)
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    @wildcard OK now I'm changing my name ^_^
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    Stay strong brother. I just had a breakup after 3 years of relationship. I started working out again. Started learning new stuff and trying to stay positive. Stay strong :)
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    I too am very lonely.
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    Code a chatbot? :-P
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    Remember curiosity rover is programmed to sing happy birthday to itself every year.
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    @CallMeAny I agree with you. Especially in times like this that being nice is seen as as weakness. Nobody wants to be that person.
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