If your site asks me to log in and doesn't implement OAuth with Google or at the very least Facebook then go fuck yourself.
I have enough usernames and passwords in my head, I don't want more.

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    What about password stores like i.e. KeePass?? Then you only need one password in your head.
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    @mee4895 Yea but that still means I need to go through the form to sign up to these random sites.
    Also, keeping my passwords all together still means I need to manage and worry about that one place. What if they get hacked for example? Stuff like that.

    Also, I trust Google with doing their security right more than anyone else
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    @Froot try to crack the aes 256 keepass uses mate
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    @explosg Well if it's locked with my password then I guess the security is fine. Tho there are still a ton of places it could go wrong, I imagine they know what they are doing.

    It's still so much easier to use OAuth tho...
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    @Froot its secure. If it gets hacked it means you fucked up. And i agree, oauth is easy tho
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    @explosg I didn't quite get how it's my fault of the service gets hacked?
    Like someone steals their database and they send me an email blaming me? Why me specifically?
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    I do agree. Pressing the "Sign In With Google" button and instantly being signed in is much easier than creating an account lol
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    @Froot you store the database locally. Also its encrypted so without the password its near impossible to hack it, i keep mine in google drive
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    Side note, the power of oauth just made sense. My site doesn't also have the osuth server for credentials... supidity overcome!
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    devRant.io does not implement OAuth /irony 😂
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