First rant, please take pity on the noob! 😐

Recently I've secured many of my user accounts spread throughout the internet. Using the same old password for everything is bad for security and for mental health! 😫

Since I was on the mood, I've tried to do a 'break glass' scenario, simulating an attacker that possessed my Gmail account credentials. "How bad can it be?" I've thought to myself...

... Bad. Very bad. Turns out not only I use lots of oauth based services, I also wasn't able to authenticate back to Google without my pass.

So when you get home today, try simulating what would happen if someone got to your Google or Facebook account.

Makes you consider the amount of control these big companies have over your life 😶

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    @wolt thank you, I agree!
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    I don't even know my Google password. I can generate it if needed though. Also get warnings on logins/ attempt on another email. But yeah, scary. no Facebook, deleted it long ago.
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    Welcome to devRant!
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    Mentioning our two biggest privacyphiles 😊
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    @Ashkin Oh yes I'm deffo one of the biggest privacy peoples on here 😊 thanks for the mention!
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    Pardon @linuxxx, he's a silly bugger
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    @Ashkin Not sure if that's a good thing 😓
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    @linuxxx hehe it's okay, we love you anyway! 😊
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    @Ashkin 😊 just for the record, with biggest I didn't mean as in devRant itself but just the fact that I'm one of the biggest privacy freaks on here 😅
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    @linuxxx oh relax! I'm just poking fun.
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    @Ashkin Oh 😊😅 *pokes back*
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    And to the OP, nothing in my case. My last Google account (devRant premium subscription) is 2FA secured AND with s freaking difficult password.

    I don't have Facebook so that's not an issue either!
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    Have both google and fb, acually I keep FB around, because I used it to sign up for every thing in the past... (Yep I'm lazy!)

    Have both two-factor authenticated though.
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    My phone factory reset itself last week, and I use GAuthenticator for everything that is compatible with 2FA. Lost everything.
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    google offers paper print out emergency keys for that case.
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