MS teams
- user activity status doesnt update properly
- your status stays as ONLINE even when 30 minutes afk or goes to AWAY after two minutes of being afk and stays that way after you started working again.
- status sometimes does not update in active chat window when person's status on the other side changes.
- sometimes, messages dont appear, until I click into the app and force it to update the status from away to active
- I/O
- One day everything works, suddenly next day your mike doesnt work. Then your audio is mute altogether. Or you suddenly start hearing yourself (echo). All without any configuration changes or restarting whatsoever.
- UI
- Happens so often... You get a new message in your active chat window and you have to SCROLL DOWN MANUALLY to see it!!!
- Coppied text from chat? HERE'S A TIMESTAMP AND A NAME OF THE SENDER AS WELL!!!!!

And Im not even mentioning the performance itself...
Srsly this app is horrendous

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    if you wouldn't have put MS Teams on the top, I would've still known, that it was teams. Thats how common that shit is.
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    Interesting thing is I can see some improvements since we were forced to start using it last year. But it's funny how MS migrated from Uservoice to MS Feedback and dropped all user comments/reports during migration. So you have to use Internet Archive to figure out the issue that pisses you off was actualy reported multiple times couple years ago.

    I can't imagine how horrible the app must have been 3 years ago when covid started and plenty of schools and companies switched to it without any preparation and prior experience.
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