Microsoft Teams has stickers, with a “meme” category.

And yes it is just as awful as you'd expect...

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    2010s called, they want their shit back
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    If it's ironic then it is gold
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    Hey, at least 4.5 of those could've been classified as memes about a decade ago. And Doge has LTS.
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    They're older memes but honestly, they check out. Old doesn't mean useless.
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    Sometimes I wish I could just cut that garbage out ... but, alas... I can't use my Adblocker inside apps. Sidenote, Microsoft adding a meme crap trying to be hip.
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    You need a very specific track record of meme usage and a carefully selected audience to be able to post success kid such that it gets taken as multi-layered irony.

    And what's the idea with the giraffe and others? You can't just pretend a pic is a meme out of nowhere!
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    @ltlian i don't know either

    But I used them to make a “he turned himself into a pickle, funniest shit I've ever seen” joke so idk maybe like 8-9 layers of irony
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    A meme is supposed to be relevant. MS missed a point with this one.
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    First two are still good memes. Miss the dramatic hamster and the dancing baby though.
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    Relevant memes also tend to be hard to comprehend unless you followed the whole memevolution chain of submemes -- and along the way they picked up dozens of layers of offensive subtexts covered in thick ironic icing.
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    This is revolutionary stuff for the corporate boomers
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    I sent these to my teachers.
    And also, there's these motivational awards you can give other people.

    My template is just "
    Award: Teamwork.
    Message: Fuck off
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    To me this looks great
    disclaimer: I'm old
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    Yeah, I am going to have to ask you to STFU about Office Space memes... ;-)
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    There must be one team at Microsoft, really trying!
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    This one looks like a captcha screen - Choose all memes and click verify 😂
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    @bittersweet I am not refering to the dank memes. By revelant i mean they havevto be revelant to the situation rn if you want to use it in the conversation, memes for memeing sake exist but only on spamy websites. So that feature lacks imho:
    -recent normal formats
    -ability to add text to it in a proper place
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    Microsoft, now with memes delayed by about 10 years!

    “Developers, developers, developers!”

    - Steve Ballmer, 1980.
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    Its not that bad as long as there are no Minions!
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