After another unemployment w/ depression I need to find a job again. Some job ads keep posting pictures of whole crew wearing the same T-shirt holding a red cloth banner with some slogan of collectivism written on it. I believe those people only smile because it's a day off from work. Guess I'm not joining them anytime soon.

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    Where do you live and what kind of dev are you. This is devRant we might be able to help you find a job
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    @Codex404 hey, thanks for being helpful. I haven't noticed that my rant drifted too far towards the "rant" direction.

    Yes, I am a developer who lives in China where it's like Soviet Union's politics meets capitalism.

    I'm not sure how many Chinese developers hang out at devRant and I really want to keep being anonymous here. As much as I appreciate job offers, I probably won't be seeking them where I rant.
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    Well, best of luck is all I can say.

    May you find what's right for you.
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