The project I’ve been working on for the past one year has been put on maintenance mode so the number of deployments will be significantly limited (around 4 per year). So what does this mean for me? I will be moved to a new team? Or I need to start looking for a new job? Or nothing changes?

I’m backend dev btw— I don’t deploy it. DevOps does it.

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    Eurgh, this really pisses me off.

    DEVOPS is literally meant as an amalgamation of Dev, and Ops. The whole point is that the same people who do the dev, do the ops stuff (deploying it.) Everyone has just renamed "ops" to "DevOps", and it's bloody frustrating.

    Also makes no sense for a project in maintenance mode to be deployed 4 times a year. If it's in maintenance mode then it's "deploy when necessary" usually whenever bug fixes or security updates are required. Depending on what crops up, that could be dozens of times a year, or never.

    So yeah, I'd be moving on. Sounds like a hot mess.
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