When you see .NET exceptions making their way into Indian Railways!
Damn that was unexpected!

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    Wonder where that was outsourced.
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    @bjorngi maybe Romania.
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    not being able to click on details and see the exception
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    The UI looks like it was designed before .NET existed.

    If they had more than 5 colours available, why did they only use 5?
    Did someone handmake that table?
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    @xsacha coz that is a display board and those five colors are easily visible from very long distances
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    I am a bit amused every time I see an error message like "unexpected error". I mean like, are there any "expected" errors? :)
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    @TerriToniAX I guess something like try { connection.Open(); } catch(TimeoutException ex) {} would make the timeout an expected error .. connection.Open(); on its own would make the timeout an unexpected error
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    @xalez Technically yes but I was thinking on it from a more humanistic/philosofical perspective. Is an error ever expected to the user? And if an error is expected to the dev, then is it an error?
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    @TerriToniAX probably not to most users, but to a dev an error can be expected in terms of "I think this error might happen at some point and I better handle it somehow" .. but it is still an error because it will disrupt the normal behaviour of the system (e.g. the data will not be saved and the user will be asked to try again later)

    an unexpected error is one that disrupts the behaviour but the dev never thought it might happen and didn't handle it
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    Happens, when you compile it as Debug.
    Compile it as Release and it will crash on an exception :D
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