Windows 7 never dies.
Photo taken 10 minutes before a huge rain.

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    At least we know they have the sign totally secured..hopefully it doesn't WannaCry...being stuck at 7, can't be easy for it.
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    @andros705 Georgia, south to Russia geographically. And it's a billboard supposedly.
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    @Cody56 I hope so, too... I love Windows 7 a bit too much.
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    Damn, it took me minutes to realize that was a Billboard, thanks to your comment. Was wondering how the hell a Win laptop was hanging in the space
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    360 total security - will save everyone don't worry. hope they don't connect this pc to Internet
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    I love how this is a company computer but with a movie 'Goodwill' on desktop xD
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    @Russian I didn't even notice before xD
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    @amahlaka Well, there IS a chain of stores called Goodwill in here(It targets middle to upper class people. Not really where you'd see the average Georgian), so you might as well be correct.
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    Funny... Someone has a Russian language Windows.

    P.S. If you decide visiting Georgia, keep in mind that this is a country that has her soul nearly destroyed a thousand times and she still fights, lives on and wins.
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    Did it die during the rain?
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    @grosten Nope. The banner still works.
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    I've actually seen windows vista used here in Toronto
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