That moment when you start spotting mistakes in blog articles regarding some new topic you're currently studying

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    Even I can write articles. Don’t take blog posts and medium.com articles serious.
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    Medium articles are written by interns, new college grads and new boot camp grads who have zero professional experience and repeat what they read from another blog article or their teacher’s notes
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    Blogs used to be done for the love of it. "Hey, I've found this cool thing and written it up in case any of you guys are interested!"

    Now it's just script kiddies and disgruntled devs pasting stuff off Stackoverflow and the like to try and get past the threshold of that medium revenue. Sad really. I miss the old days sometimes.
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    I’ve ALSO noticed that many of them are redundant as FUCK! How many damn medium articles about React Router do we even need??? Rule should be one should only be added if it’s better than one that’s already out there (so it can replace the existing one) unless it’s the first one
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    @aviophile i know but one year ago I knew nothing about AWS.

    yesterday I found an article talking about Vpcs and spotted two errors. The writer clearly was a noobie as well but it still felt good
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