Help, I don't know if I want to code as a job for the rest of my life.
I feel that I miss physical activity in my job. Its just sitting and programming.
I like programming, it's an infinite series of puzzles, and I like puzzles. But more physical would be nice.

Maybe I should find a 2nd job that is more physical and balance the two.

What is everyone's thoughts on this?

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    Can you handle doing two jobs? Why don't you just do a physical hobby like running?
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    @jsframework9000 same amount of hours in the end. So I don't think that would be a problem.

    I already work out 3 times a week. And I go hiking every weekend.
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    @brahn seems odd...
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    If you come home from a day of coding and you don't want to punch a hole in something or someone you're not doing it hard enough!

    Job: Solving (jira) issues.
    Hobby: Resolving (anger management) issues.
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    @moortuvivens You do all that and you still want a more physical job? I wish I had that much energy.
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    If you drive, park as far away as possible (while still being reasonable) and walk. Take the stairs.

    Take a bike ride on lunch, or go for a run. Walk to coworkers desk rather than sending an email.
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