Lost 3 days because of shitstorm not knowing why my nextjs localhost app wasnt working just go the 3rd day on mongodb dashboard and have a warning that mongodb will block any connections of ip addresses that are not manually added (i have no idea how mongodb works other than just how to use it in code)

Because the shitstorm knocked me off the internet for 3 days (will probably be for over 7 days cause these assholes dont give a shit to fix it) i dont have wifi access so my localhost app cant work

However my dads android has unlimited gb of 4g internet access so i connect to his hotspot and then try to run the app but still fails. I thought i cant run the app until my internet gets fixed from shitstorm just to find out i had to manually allow the inbound IP address of the android phone into the mongodb dashboard. And now it works fine. Fuck off

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    git gud
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    @Sid2006 its what happens when i use technologies im not familiar with, as expected. Im sure it happens to everyone. This is the type of shit i have to get use to and push through learning it the hard way
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    I commend your determination and persistence. While this must have been frustrating, I think it'll work out in the long run
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    @iceb thanks bro its very hard but i have no other choice than to push through no matter how hard it gets
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    @b2plane Its called a learning curve. It's nothing extraordinary only you are going through.

    Also, git gud.
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    Just install a local mongodb and use that instead of the remote one.
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